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Whats Up with Work Life Balance in 2021

I have been saying over and over again how

2021 was 2020 with a wig on but truth be told its 2019 with a face mask.

I remember how busy and overwhelmed I felt in 2019. At the time, I was finishing my masters program, working a media internship, managing my salon and touring for Catnipz Podcast. Although I enjoyed everything that I was doing, there was no balance. And when there’s no balance, there is an abundance of attitudes and discontentment. Let’s be honest, we can have the worst attitudes when we are doing things we know we really don’t want to do. So if I learned anything in 2019 it was boundaries for the sake of balance.

Fast forward to 2021, we’re in masks and trying to get the world going again after a year in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Life came to a screeching halt last year, and I had to shift gears to maintain my lifestyle. Now I’m combining the pace of 2019 with all the new ventures from 2020. At the very least, I’m busy. My goal is to manage through peace this go round.

We can exasperate a situation with our perspective on it. We can try to force things into place for the sake of balance. Unpopular opinion, but there’s really no such thing as work life balance. There will always be something that dominates your energy and time. The goal is to prioritize intentionally and make peace with the plan. Life is going to happen in ways that we can’t always account for, peace helps us transition to that space.

So how to do we get to the peace space? I got there through yoga. Learning how to meditate through my practice allowed me time to focus on my breathing and detach from my todo list. Yoga allowed me time to think and analyze before responding. Now being proactive also includes checking my attitude, and setting up the comforts for it in advance.

Work life balance for me means, being present during each moment so that I don’t carry energy from place to place. Handling situations in the present so that Im not overthinking it during my sleeping hours. Making peace with the fact that I might not always achieve my todo list, but instead achieve other goals that I hadn’t accounted for.

Sometimes the goal is to rest regardless of the things on your list. And when your body craves this type of peace and inaction, its necessary for the rest of the balance we expect to achieve.

Work life balance and peace means that I am bringing my best to each moment, no matter the degree my best falls at. Give it my all and let it be done.

So what are some ways we can bring more peace to our work life?

  1. Be more grateful. A lot of people don’t get to do what you’ve been blessed to do. Complaining stagnates the progress.

  2. Eliminate distractions. Responding to every stimulus takes your further way from your goal. Stay present til your finished

  3. Use your boundaries. If it doesn’t work for your schedule or life, release it. Honor what works for you.

  4. Don’t take it personal. Address it and release that energy.

  5. Check your thoughts. Negative thinking can take you away from a good moment. Your perspective can create a masterpiece if you let it..

If all else fails, listen to Energy is Currency Podcast and find some helps gems in there.

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