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Alexis Williams, MBA

Serial Entrepreneur  and business owner, Alexis is no stranger to brand development.  Equipped with a MBA  specializing in Marketing, Alexis provides clarity and strategy to successfully execute goals.


Her entrepreneurial efforts reflect her ambition, growth, passion, and  talent for brand development in niche markets. The success in launching multilayered brands online and 'brick and mortar' establishments showcase her attention to detail and foresight. 


As owner and Hair Loss Practitioner at Head Quarters Hair Clinic, her chief responsibility is to maintain market presence and competitive advantage of beneficial consumers in the most cost effective manner possible.


As Executive Producer Energy is Currency Podcast, she manages project development, web design, and portfolio expansion. 


Blush Biz MGMT is the powerhouse behind these brands, allowing Alexis to control both the resources and the public reception of her brands and businesses. 


We are duplicating the experience to help consumers grow their business with the same tenacity and power. 


Contact Alexis today to set up your complimentary intake consultation. 

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