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Q: How do You Eat an Elephant?
A: One Bite at a Time 

Consider your dreams, goals, and visions for yourself the Elephant in the equation. How
do we get from an idea to an actionable plan? 

The solution is in every step of the plan. Lets form the strategy that works best for your current lifestyle and future goals. 

Alexis provides custom brand management experiences the acknowledge the client's strengths, supplements their weaknesses, and organizes their market presence and presentation. We specialize in strategy development and execution, doing what it takes to achieve the never ending goals of successful businesses. 
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Start the process
45 conference covering initial client intake. We itemize main goals. The preferred next steps are discussed along with dates. Cost of consultation is applied to other services booked within 30 days of consultation.
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For existing businesses
4 hour conference covering three months of planning and preparation for the following business season, along with development on the necessary resources needed to complete the tasks. Creative, financial, cultural, and marketing goals will all be addressed
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Perfect for beginners,
This is a 90 day process to assist new businesses with market entry. Lets set up your business to run smoothly. We provide legal entity registration, website development, social media set up, and strategies for marketing and launching your brand. 
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Need an Business Advisor? Choose from 
Package 1
Monthly subscription with
2 1 hour monthly meetings 
2 bi-weekly 30 minute conference calls
Package 2
Monthly subscription with 
1  1 hour monthly strategy meeting 
2 bi-weekly  30 minute conference call 
Let's Work on Your Brand!

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