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The Day You Plant the Seed is NOT the Day You Eat the Fruit.

This is one of my favorite expressions, because it brings so much patience and balance to any situation. It describes the simple process of planting a seed, and the time needed to watch is grow, ripen, and become ready for harvest..

We operate in such fast paced, results driven society, that we often neglect to honor the process needed. In every part of our lives, there is a moment of stillness, where you’ve done all of the things, and seen none of the results.

Think about an expectant mom at the 8 or 9th month, body ripe with expectancy and anticipation. The house is prepared, the baby is on the way, and everything is a matter of time. Most of the next steps are out of her control. The only thing she can trust is that she’s done enough to prepare, and will survive everything that happens next. This preparation is filled with love, and excitement, ready to nurture and develop her child. So many of us can empathize with the emotion behind the experience, if not the experience itself.. How can we experience peace and maintain our vibration during a period of stillness? Our minds are far too busy to just relax, so what strategy do you have in place keep the peace?

First things first, check your thoughts.

During a period of pause, intrusive thoughts can overwhelm distract you from your blessing. Practicing meditation is mandatory for successful entrepreneurship.

Learn to still your mind during this time as well.

Second shift your narrative. Overthinking is really a blessing. Your foresight can be used to proactively prepare for different seasons. Take this energy and strategize for your best results. Prepare for what you want to see, in and addition to preventing mishaps..

Third. Fill your mind with education and new thoughts.

Use quiet times to prepare for the next level with education. Lean on elders and mentors for stories overcoming and even redemption.. Learn how they used their courage to ascend. Learn new skills and strategies to work smarter and not harder.

Make peace with the obstacles and distractions. They are necessary learning moments. Something unexpected will creep its way into any endeavor or business plan, make space to learn from it. How you mentally prepare and respond to your problems shapes your ability to grow.

Lastly! Be excited!

This is has to happen on purpose! No one will be as excited as you are manifesting your blessing. You must bring the energy you want to experience. This means being deliberate detaching from anything that has the energy to change your mood. This means releasing negative thinking by training your self to look for the good. Even the smallest moment of gratitude can create magic. Use your thoughts wisely.

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