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Custom Business Resources


The Person that Owns their Resources,
Owns their Wealth

The BBM Business Resource department translates clients' needs into articulate, creative and tangible content for business to business development and consumer attraction and awareness. To effectively scale your business, you must be able to duplicate the process and communicate the company’s needs to constituents. Use our custom employee handbooks and training manuals to educate staff and vendors. Pitch your brand and plan to potential investors with our pitch books and proposals. 
Attract the resources your business deserves. 
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Tell your brand story in 10 pages or less. Great for media pitching for advertising, booking speaking conferences & events, and brand collaborations with influencers and communication outlets.
Package 1
7-9 Pages
10-12 Pages
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Engage business collaborations and partnerships with professional proposals. Capture your vision and explain it to your potential investors  so you can close the deal. 
Requires 1 Month Virtual Retainer to develop and revise proposal 
brand strategies-10.png
Duplicate your company process with employee handbooks and manuals. Thoroughly communicate all professional expectations and provisions, legal information and company process company employees, interns and vendors may need for business. 
Requires 1 Month Virtual Retainer to develop and revise manual 
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